Pinterest Account Suspended Tips

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We are today July 2nd, 2021 and your account might have gotten suspended on Pinterest. Something happened here where Pinterest was doing updates and marked a whole bunch of accounts as spam by accident. As a consequence, a lot of Pinterest accounts either got suspended by accident or your Tailwind account got disconnected from your Pinterest account.

How to Appeal Account Suspension

If you got the email below, then you need to click the blue words that say “this link” to appeal the suspension.

Screen shot of the Pinterest email.

That’s all you need to do. Once that’s done, you need to wait until they reinstate your account. Normally, it takes a few hours and then it’s back up.

Pinterest Help Center

If you feel your account suspension isn’t being lifted follow these steps:

Google Pinterest Help Center > Click Contact > Appeals > Appeal account suspension

Then you need to follow the steps until you can press “submit” at the end.

How to Reconnect Your Tailwind Account

To reconnect your Tailwind account to Pinterest, these are the steps:

Open 2 tabs (one for Tailwind & one for Pinterest) > login to both > Click the red button in Tailwind that says “Reconnect Pinterest > and then click “Give Access>


That’s it! Once your Tailwind account gets reloaded, you will see your queue back up. Keep in mind that during the time the Tailwind account got disconnected, some of your pins will fail to publish. Luckily, you can add the failed pins back to your queue! That’s it for today. I would love for you to subscribe too.

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