Organic Pinterest Traffic is Down – What to Do About It.

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I want to talk about what happens when the traffic is down on your site. Before we dive in, don’t forget to hit the big red subscribe button, and then hit the bell to be notified every single time I post a new video here on the Kordial Media YouTube channel.

Promoted Pins

Let’s say like for a few months now, your traffic has dropped organically from Pinterest. It’s normal. Pinterest is adding more and more buttons on their Pins to retain Pinterest users on Pinterest for longer, which is diluting the traffic that’s actually landing on websites.

Additionally, if you’re in that boat and you just noticed that there’s a lot less traffic on your site, a good solution is to invest $5 to $10 a day on a traffic campaign to try and boost the outbound clicks to your site. This has been really helpful for some of my clients. They’ve been able to maintain traffic for longer and to stop the drop as well. Investing a little bit of money behind a campaign can help.

If you need help with investing in campaigns and you just need some guidance, you can book a free call with me. I’d be more than happy to talk with you about your Pinterest account and what to do about certain stats you are not happy with.

Other Strategies

Other than running a campaign, there are a few elements that I find do help with increasing traffic to a website when it comes to Pinterest strategy. The first thing is actually adding five fresh new images to every single blog post, because you can Pin those images. The more images you have going to one link, the more traffic or chances you have of getting traffic to your site.

Let’s say you have five fresh new images plus three graphics, that’s a good amount of Pins that can link back to that one piece of content, which gives you a better chance of getting those clicks to your site long-term.

Another thing that helps with traffic is pinning these images to 3 – 5 boards. I like to stay in the three to five board range because that way Pinterest or Tailwind can distribute your content accurately to relevant boards without being spammy.

Marked as Spam

If you don’t want to run ads, you are adding five images to your blog posts, you’re pinning about eight Pins, and not seeing any growth, your Pinterest account can be marked as spam or suspended. If this is your case, then I do have a video on how to get unmarked as spam if your account got suspended. Getting marked as spam hurts your traffic and your monthly views. You want to get unmarked as quickly as possible. If you enjoyed today’s video, hit the like, hit the subscribe, hit the bell, do all the things and I will see you in the next video!

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