Idea Pins Updates and Tips (Formally Known As Story Pins)

Published By: Adrianna Zakher

Published On: May 18, 2021

A few weeks ago, a subscriber of mine sent me this email about Idea Pins (previously known as Story Pins)👇

Screen shot of Pinterest marketing questions answered by Adrianna from Kordial Media Pinterest Marketing Agency.

📌Before we Dive in, Keep in Mind Pinterest has CHANGED the name of Story Pins to “Idea Pins”

Idea pins screenshot by Kordial Media Pinterest Marketing Agency.

Pinterest is trying to imply that they are not to showcase behind the scenes of something. Idea pins are there to help inspire ideas and to educate your audience. Keep that in mind when creating them.

📌Now, lets answer the questions shall we!

So, number one, can you use hashtags in Idea Pins?

Yes you can add hashtags in the details section. However, I would not bother adding hashtags. The hashtag feed is not a priority for Pinterest. They index pins based on interests, keywords and relevancy. Not to mention, the pin description of a Idea Pin is there to provide Pinterest users more informative advice or tips that mirror the Idea Pin.

For example, if your Idea Pin is describing a recipe, you can add the ingredients in the description.

Number two, Idea Pins have dropped in views, why?

Because Pinterest has changed the way they get indexed. Before, they would push them out to everyone. Now, they push them out based on engagement. The more engagement they get in the first few days, the more Pinterest will show the Idea Pin to your audience.

📌If you’re looking for engagement on Idea Pins, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Pinterest wants your Idea Pin to start with a movable image/video.
  2. Pinterest wants you to add 5 slides minimum, not just one. They should use video, text, images and audio.
  3. Pinterest wants them to be informative and inspirational. That means, give lots of tips and use beautiful images and videos.
  4. Next, add a call to action to help increase engagement!
  5. Lastly, make sure to publish your Idea Pin to a very relevant board. Relevancy matters on Pinterest more than ever.

📌 How to Create Idea Pins on Pinterest Tutorial

📌Do Idea Pins Disappear Overnight?

They do not! They live on forever. However, once you upload an idea pin, they appear on the top for 24 hours for your followers to see. Once that 24 hours is up, then your idea pin can be seen in search or in a feed over time.