How to Post Pins on Pinterest (+ Tailwind Tutorial)

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Welcome back to my YouTube channel. My name is Adrianna and I run a Pinterest marketing agency called Kordial Media, where we offer do-it-for you services that help drive traffic and sales from Pinterest to your website. In today’s video, I am showing you everything to do with how to post pins on Pinterest, whether you’re using tailwind as a scheduler or you’re using the native Pinterest platform itself. I am going to show you how exactly you should be pinning your content to the platform to make sure that it is Pinterest SEO friendly, that it respects the Pinterest best practices and to give your content its best chance of ranking in the algorithm.

Before we dive in…

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Something to keep in mind…

Upload your pins by sharing from another social media platform. You’re better off doing it the long way, the way that I’m teaching you in the video as opposed to just sharing a piece of content on Instagram and then clicking the other share to Pinterest. Because if you click the other button that says, share to Pinterest from another social media platform, it will not be Pinterest SEO friendly or done in the way that respects the Pinterest best practices. You’re better off going the long way to give your content its best chances of ranking and of succeeding in the algorithm.

Templates to help you out!





Now you know exactly how to upload your pins on Pinterest using the Pinterest native scheduler or tailwind. If you knew any of these tricks already, let me know in the comments below. I would love to know your input on whether or not you’ve uploaded pins this way before. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to hit the like button because it really helps me in the algorithm. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you in my next video!