Hey you 👋 Adrianna here!

​Welcome back to Kordial Media’s blog! This week, let’s talk about how to pin all your content once a week!

📌 Here are the steps:

  1. Block off 1 hour every Friday to pin your content.
  2. Get Tailwind (yes you can use the native Pinterest scheduler but it is much faster to pin with Tailwind).
  3. Create 3 graphic templates on canva.com.
  4. Use templates to make graphics for all your blog posts of the week. I like to create 3 graphics per blog post, but it’s not necessary.
  5. Create pin descriptions for all your blog posts. 1 description per blog post is enough.
  6. Upload graphics in Tailwind drafts.
  7. Use Tailwind extension to add all your blog post images to Tailwind drafts.
  8. Paste your descriptions and links.
  9. Add desired boards to each pin. I would not schedule to more than 5 relevant board per pin.
  10. Schedule all your pins from drafts.
  11. Shuffle the queue. Don’t forget this step or else all your content will publish from the same link one after the other, which puts you at risk for spam.
  12. Verify you have enough pins schedules until the following Saturday.

📌If you aren’t filling up enough slots to last a week…

Use the Tailwind extension to schedule LTK posts, IG posts and/or products you may be selling.

📌If you don’t have additional content to schedule…

Reduce the amount of pins scheduled daily. On the flip side, I would not exceed 20 pins/ day either! However, you can schedule as low as 2 pin/day.

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