How to Drive Traffic with Story Pins

Story Pins

Wondering how to drive traffic with Story Pins? Keep reading to find out!

?You can’t… but there’s a loophole

Pinterest created Story Pins to retain users on the platform longer. Their purpose really isn’t to drive traffic to your site. However, there are a few ways around this.

Firstly, I like to create Story Pins using the content on a blog post. Each slide should contain 1 tip. The last slide should include a call to action, encouraging the Pinterest user to follow you.

Once they follow you, they might be more likely to see your content and therefore, click over to your site from one of your regular pins.

?Boost impressions

Story Pins are also great for boosting impressions. Normally, when impressions increase, clicks to your site increase from Pinterest as well. They aren’t totally correlated but impressions do help.

?Utilize the Story Pins description box

Next, you want to paste the link of your blog post in the description box. No it’s not clickable. However, if someone wanted to read the rest of the blog post, they could look up the link themselves. Although it is much harder to get readers to your site this way, it doesn’t hurt to add.

At the end of the description, I like to write a call to action like this.

“If you want to find out the remaining tips, visit the blog post here:”

If you want an example of this, check out the “Story Pins” highlight on the @kordialmedia IG account.


In conclusion, you can drive traffic using Story Pins. It just isn’t in the traditional way we are used to.

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Featured image by Pinterest Medium blog.