How to Join and Create Group Boards

Published By: Adrianna Zakher

Published On: August 24, 2020

Published In: Pinterest

Want to know how to join and create group boards? Keep reading to find out how!

📌What is the point of a group board?

You can join and create group boards on Pinterest in order to collaborate with other creators on the platform. Creating a group board is a lot easier than joining someone else’s group board.

📌Create a group board

To create a group board, simply invite collaborators. You’re going to want to add as many collaborators in your niche as you can find, since only a fraction will actually accept your invitation.

Please note that not all of your boards should be group boards. If anything, most of your boards should NOT be group boards.

📌Joining group boards

When it comes to joining group boards, you need to send messages to people in your niche who have started group boards. You can find group boards in your niche with this website: https://pingroupie.com/. You can also find group board simply by researching different accounts similar to yours.

Find the owner of a group board by clicking the collaborators. It’s normally the 1st person on the list.

You simply contact them and ask to be a collaborator in their group board. This process takes a while, but don’t stop pitching other Pinterest users until you get invited to a few group boards.

Sometimes, there’s a button for you to simply “Join Board”. You can also invite your friends to some boards. This will vary from group board to group board, as the group board owner controls those settings.

Between the group boards you’ve created and those you’ve joined, start off with 2/3 group boards. You really don’t need more than that.

There you go! We hope this helped you learn how to join and create group boards.

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