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How to Create Multiple Boards Related to Your Niche

Want to know how to create multiple boards related to your niche? Keep reading to find out how!

? Create Multiple Boards Related to Your Niche

You want to create many specific boards in regards to your niche and site. I recommend you start with creating at least 20 boards. For example, in the case of LLEGANCE, the site helps young professionals easily style workwear outfits for a successful career. These are the boards created regarding that niche:

As you can see, there is a board for summer work outfits, fall work outfits, men’s suits and more. Each board relates to the workwear niche. You will also gradually add new boards to your profile as you expand your business. However, keep in mind never to add a board that is unrelated to your niche/website. If you blog about home decor only, keep any random fashion boards or food boards secret from your profile.

Additionally, you also need one board with all of your content. You can call it “Best of INSERT YOUR BLOG NAME”. This board should be placed as the very first board on your profile. Do not make this board a group board (more on group boards in step 5).

Once you’ve created all of your boards, you need to give them specific names, descriptions and categories to help your pins rank. First, click the pencil icon to edit the board settings.

? Board title/name

The name must describe and summarize well the type of content in that board. Make sure you choose a long tail keyword that is at least 3 words long. For example, “Stylish Outfit Ideas”. As well, keep the look and format of all board names consistent for the sake of the user. For example, if one of your board titles is written in all minuscule letters, then write your other boards titles in minuscule letters as well.

? Board description

The detailed description must explain exactly the type of content people can expect to see in each board.

When it comes to writing the description, you want to use long tail key words related to your niche and board topic. You can find long tail key words by typing words into the search bar and allowing Pinterest to fill the long tail key word searches. The ones that appear are all long tail key words you should use in your description. You can also use Pinterest Trends to do your keyword research.

Please note you should not add hashtags in your board descriptions, as they are not clickable.

I can’t stress enough the importance of being specific with your board titles and descriptions. Everything must be key word rich to help you rank and to build your authority in the algorithm. Don’t add home decor keywords in a description of a board on fashion. Get what I mean?


? Board cover

If you’re going to a board cover, be sure to choose board covers for all of your boards. Again, you want the format of your boards to stay consistent for the sake of the user. Either all of your boards have a cover, or none of your boards have a cover.

? Board order

Additionally, really think about the order of your boards. The first board featured on your Pinterest profile should be the one with all of your content in it. For example, LLEGANCE’s first board contains all the articles on the website and called “ Best of LLEGANCE”.

The following boards are all the specific boards. You should place all similar boards one next to the other. This means for example, all of the home decor boards should be next to one another and then all of the fashion boards should be together.

As well, make sure to have all of your group boards at the very bottom for a clean appearance. Your group boards should be placed one next to the other by category as well. The purpose of placing the boards in a certain order is to keep things consistent and aesthetically pleasing for the user.

If you normally use Pinterest to find recipes and DIY crafts that are unrelated to your business, then those types of boards should become secret.

There you go! Hope this helped you understand how to create multiple boards related to your niche.

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